Senior Fullstack Engineer (MasterExchange)


We’re a music tech startup about to launch our platform in a couple of months and we’re hiring an experienced fullstack engineer in Stockholm who’s is well-versed in TypeScript, Python, and AWS. The candidate we’re looking for understands the full picture when it comes to developing state-of-the-art software. You’ll need to be able to: formulate tech strategies, holistically plan tech architectures, lead a team of developers and you have the skills to realize the company’s grand vision and goals.

Who you are

A senior fullstack engineer who loves solving problems and collaborating in order to ship state-of-the-art software. You’re comfortable leading and strategizing development work. You are someone who can communicate your own vision, discuss tradeoffs, and the needs of a product. You should be excited about shipping an excellent product.

Our need

You’ll join the team and build a next-level product that is secure, can scale, and that people love. Further, we want to create an awesome engineering team and a development culture that promotes growth and team learning. What we need is someone who can:

  • Manage the complete software development process from conception to deployment.
  • Maintain and upgrade the software following deployment.
  • Manage the end-to-end life cycle for the production of software and applications.
  • Oversee and guide the analysis, writing, building, and deployment of software.
  • Oversee testing frameworks, security aspects as well as the robustness of the product.
  • Communicate and provide feedback to the management team during the development process.
  • Review and give feedback on code.
  • Modify and test changes to previously developed software.

The stack

We have built a hybrid monolith/microservice architecture on a cloud-native stack using popular and novel FE, BE, and DevOps technologies.

Backend: Python (FastAPI, SQLAlchemy, pydantic), Node (Express.js)

Frontend: TypeScript (React, Recoil, Sass)

DevOps/Infrastructure: Terraform, AWS (ECS, Lambda, RDS, Redis), Docker

 Blockchain: Solidity on Polygon (Web3.js, Truffle, Ganache)


If you’re well-versed with the architecture, frameworks, languages, and tech below you’ll be an excellent fit:

  • High Python proficiency
  • Familiar with FastAPI
  • Proficiency in Node/Express backends
  • Experience with designing scalable and secure architectures
  • Familiarity with best practices in RESTful API
  • Proficient in SQL
  • Familiar with testing frameworks
  • Experience building scalable infrastructures on AWS
  • Experienced in cloud security
  • Proficient in Terraform (IaC)
  • Prior experience in working with AWS ECS, EC2, Lambda, Redshift, S3
  • Familiar with CI/CD Best practices
  • Proficiency in setting up and mainting Logging and Monitoring systems
  • Experienced with MongoDB, Postgres and Redis
  • Bonus: Handling, processing, pipelining, and analyzing Big Data
  • Bonus: Blockchain dev (Solidity)


We need you to have general proficiency in the technologies we’re using and an inclination to learn the ones you haven’t worked with before.

  • 5 years work experience in a team environment or similar
  • Proficiency in mentioned tech stack
  • CS degree or similar

We offer

  • A competitive salary, a stock options program for key employees, and employee benefit packages (wellness allowance, offsites etc.)
  • Office space in central Lviv.
  • All equipment needed to be productive at carrying out the job.
  • Remote work when needed / wanted.
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