Middle/Senior .NET Developer



  • Applications and blob storage powered by MS Azure
  • K8s orchestration of micro services 
  • Most code written in C# / .net Core


  • On-prem MSSQL database – primary database
  • SSIS integration project to harmonize and persist relevant data (like transactions, trial balances, suppliers, customers, projects, departments etc) from ERP

Support for multiple ERP sources and systems:

  • Visma Business
  • Microsoft Dynamics Nav
  • Jeeves
  • Azure database


  •    CI/CD – CircleCI
  •    Repository – Bitbucket
  •    Logging – Sentry.io
  •    Elastic Search
  •    Kibana
  •    Grafana
  •    Redis cache
  •    Aspose.net PDF


External API's consumed:

  • Visma Business API
  • Visma Document Center API
  • Compello API
  • Auth0 API
  • Mailgun

Project description:

My Economy is a financial platform for small to medium businesses in the Nordic Accounting market.
As a CFO or financially responsible person, it provides a means to easily see the financial status of your company without having to know all the specifics about accounting.

The platform was launched at the beginning of this year and has grown to roughly 600 companies during the first quarter.
The growth is expected to continue for several years and the solution integrates with multiple internal and external systems. The goal is to abstract away the complexity from the end users and automate
routine based daily activities.

The system covers areas in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, monthly bookkeeping and general financial reporting.”

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