Middle/Senior React Native Developer


Required skills:

  • A Javascript developer with documented previous experience working with React Native and Redux for Android (if not React Native, applicants with experience from React, Node.js and Android are also interesting).

  • You are familiar with the lifecycle of an Android app project from implementation, launch, publishing to Google Play…

  • …and maintenance after launch!

  • You have worked with a data backend such as Firebase (or Firestore)

  • You are familiar with Google Cloud Services

  • Computer science at university level


  • Experience from implementing, launching and maintaining a public API for a new service with a previous employer 

  • Familiarity with Google Play/Android guidelines as well as map service libraries such as Google Maps and MapBox/Open Street Map

  • Experience with iOS apps are also a bonus to us

We expect that:

  • You love the agile principles as much as we do

  • You have previous experience working in satellite teams

  • You are a not just a team player, but a team maker You put your energy into the team and thrive when the team does!

  • You are responsible, hard working, reliable and an excellent communicator

Project Description:

Be part of the future of addressing! We are looking for sharpest React Native developers. We are building a global digital addressing system – Addressya. We provide a business solution through APIs for organisations who rely on correct and exact addresses – Addressing as a Service and an Android app for end users to create and share their own address information.

Addressya (previously Map Project Sweden AB) is a startup from Stockholm, Sweden, founded Aug 2017. We are backed by investors and are preparing our launch in East Africa in May 2019. 

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