Middle/Senior Mobile Front End Developer


Technology stack

  • React Native
  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • Detox
  • Docker
  • Microsoft App center
  • React JS

Daily duties

  • Main focus will be on mobile development but some web-development with React JS is also expected
  • Take visual designs from UX designers and make them come alive in real-world applications
  • Design and implement solutions for our in-house mobile apps
  • Participate in the deployment process of mobile applications
  • Develop components for re-usability
  • Theming of mobile apps
  • Align reg front end design principles with Front end chapter lead
  • Automated tests

About project

All businesses engage with economics and IT in various degrees. Our desire is to combine all our areas of expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers. Our company is entrepreneur driven, as more than 70 % of company is owned by the subsidiary companies. We have engaged leaders and employees dedicated to deliver the highest customer value. Differentiating us from similar companies are our local ownerships and connections to local markets and communities. We take pride in our company history. Since company’s inception six years ago, we have grown to over 1200 employees in 65 locations in 5 countries.
In this position you will be working on multiple products belonging to the same product family. React Native as the mobile platform and React is used as the web technology. Daily work is in a team environment with 4 developers working in an agile setup with daily standups and working from Product backlogs. There is a desire keeping the products aligned in terms of look and feel meaning that some effort is spent on preparing standard components which are reusable across the product lines.

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